The Fourth Man

20 04 2008

The other day I talk to my pastor, and we arrive to conversation about what are the type of working people. There are three kind of people according to our conclusion :

  1. The thinker. This is the kind of man who has brilliant idea, innovation, etc about the product. This kind of man sometime could only thinking and not capable to do the job. Usually they work as a consultant, concept maker, and that kind of works.
  2. The worker. This is the kind of man who could implement an idea to a product. They usually could only produce the product without having the capability to think about improvement for the product. Usually they work as worker, labor, and that kind of works.
  3. The marketer. This is the kind of man who could make an ordinary product looks like an extra ordinary product. They could sell almost everything. They have their own way to sell. But usually they are weak on technical things. Usually they work as marketing, property broker, and that kind of works.

We could be one of them or the combination two of them or even all combination. 😀
I myself want to be the fourth man. The man who could gather and organize people with those ability. If I could gather, organize them and make them to use the utmost of their capability, I’ll be a wealthy man. 😀
Some people say the fourth man is “The Entrepreneur”.