The ‘Light’ AVG 8.5 Free

10 05 2009

Around a year ago I post an article about AVG 8.0, and I said I was thrilled about the new AVG 8.0 but kinda little dissapointed because of the use of the memory of AVG 8.0 is quite big (around 60MB total). This year a new AVG 8.5 come to the field of duty and I’m not as excited as when AVG 8.0 come. That’s because of the ‘huge’ memoryAVG 8.0 use.

When I upgrade the old one to theĀ  new one. It was a failure because when finished the upgrade the AVG was gone not upgrade, so I decided to download the installation file for AVG 8.5. I cannot use the trick for LinkScanner forAVG 8.0 . So I just run the installer and I choose the custome one. And apparently there is option not to install the LinkScanner. When I finished, It asking me to restart my computer. Done!!!

Then there is something weird happens, I feel my computer run ‘lighter’ than before. I looking for the AVG. Oh there it is at my tray icon. And I’m kinda shock when see how much memory AVG 8.5 . It’s around 20MB max total. And the most consumptive component avgrsx is only 220KB (idle) instead of 30/50MB as before. Wow that huge. And here I am enjoying the new AVG 8.5, ‘lighter’ yet powerful. What do you think guys? ^_^


Experiencing Acer Aspire 4720z with XP

5 06 2008

I just got Acer Aspire 4720z (I upgrade the memory to 1Gb) about a month ago, and it was quite interesting notebook with good price. I immediately install Windows on it and found out that it comes WITHOUT (too bad) Windows XP driver.

What?! Yes indeed, it comes with only Windows Vista driver (ooouch). Well I have to find it myself, I couldn’t found any at Acer Indonesia sites. Then googling for it and I across this blog (wow thanks man). And here is the link for the driver (if you appear to read this post, I terribly sorry for the dead link, I’ll post the new link for the driver).

It’s a little bit annoying for me have to find the driver myself. But I must admit, I’m pleased with Acer 4720z performance and no complain with it yet. (wink)