Pidgin 2.5.0 New Custom Smileys. Advantage or Disadvantage?

1 09 2008

Since the first time I use Pidgin, I fell in love with it. It so simple and light yet powerful. And there are the portable version too for Pidgin.

I was so excited when Pidgin release version 2.5.0. I found one function that attract me immediately. Pidgin 2.5.0 has custome smileys, so I could put my own smiley there. Awesome isn’t it. 😀

I try it directly and it works perfectly for me. I put some custome image and put a shortcut for it.
For example like this image : and I put “unknown” as the shortcut (without quote).
But what happen if I type the shorcut five times? It should be like this.

And could you imagine what happen if someone or you type the shortcut hundreds of time or even thousands?
Pidgin 2.5.0 Custom Smileys. Is it advantage? Or disadvantage? Thanks to my friend I realize it directly. It surely annoying if you have to receive so much image especially for dial up connection or limited broadband connection.

Well then, if you found your chat window going to load images, just close it and it will cancel the process and your chat window will be fill with the shortcut text. 😀

So is it advatange or disadvantage? It’s up to you and Pidgin 😀

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