How to remove item(s) from Multiply inbox?

15 04 2008

The other day my wife ask me about Multiply inbox. She said “How can I remove item(s) from Multiply inbox?”. Oouch I just realized I don’t know about that too. 😀 Never notice that before. I wonder how? Even though it does not necessary to delete item in Multiply inbox, but my wife’s question makes me wonder. 😀

I did make it to found out how to delete item(s) from Multiply inbox. Maybe this could help you who wanna delete some of the messages in your Multiply inbox.

First thing first, you got to click on Preferences (as shown on picture below).
Pertama kali, kita harus mengklik Preferences (seperti pada gambar di bawah ini).


Secondly, check the ” Show “Subscribe,” “Pin,” and “Remove” links for each item ” option (as shown in this picture below).
Yang kedua, centanglah opsi ” Show “Subscribe,” “Pin,” and “Remove” links for each item ” (seperti pada gambar di bawah ini).


If you do it correctly, this icons will appear beside the message (as shown on picture below).
Apabila benar, maka ikon-ikon ini akan muncul disebelah pesan kita (seperti pada gambar di bawah ini).


Last thing to do is just click the remove item on the message you want to remove and a message will appear to confirm whether you really wanna delete the item. And after you click [OK] the item will no longer there. (as shown on picture below).
Hal yang terakhir adalah kita tinggal mengklik ikon remove item pada pesan yang ingin kita hapus dan akan muncul pesan yang menanyakan apakah kita benar-benar ingin menghapus item yang bersangkutan. Dan setelah kita menekan tombol [OK] item yang bersangkutan akan hilang (seperti pada gambar di bawah ini).


There you go, your item no longer exists. Be very careful when you wanna delete your item(s) from Multiply inbox, because I don’t know yet is the item will gone forever or it could be restore again.
Demikianlah, item kita akan menghilang. Tetapi berhati-hatilah saat kita ingin menghapus item kita dalam inbox Multiply, karena saya belum tahu apakah item ini benar-benar hilang selamanya atau dapat dikembalikan lagi.

Hope this article could help you. 😀