The ‘Light’ AVG 8.5 Free

10 05 2009

Around a year ago I post an article about AVG 8.0, and I said I was thrilled about the new AVG 8.0 but kinda little dissapointed because of the use of the memory of AVG 8.0 is quite big (around 60MB total). This year a new AVG 8.5 come to the field of duty and I’m not as excited as when AVG 8.0 come. That’s because of the ‘huge’ memoryAVG 8.0 use.

When I upgrade the old one to theΒ  new one. It was a failure because when finished the upgrade the AVG was gone not upgrade, so I decided to download the installation file for AVG 8.5. I cannot use the trick for LinkScanner forAVG 8.0 . So I just run the installer and I choose the custome one. And apparently there is option not to install the LinkScanner. When I finished, It asking me to restart my computer. Done!!!

Then there is something weird happens, I feel my computer run ‘lighter’ than before. I looking for the AVG. Oh there it is at my tray icon. And I’m kinda shock when see how much memory AVG 8.5 . It’s around 20MB max total. And the most consumptive component avgrsx is only 220KB (idle) instead of 30/50MB as before. Wow that huge. And here I am enjoying the new AVG 8.5, ‘lighter’ yet powerful. What do you think guys? ^_^


New Safari 4 Public Beta

25 02 2009

Today I read about Safari 4 Public beta from Cult of Mac. I was happy and quickly download it and install it on my Windows.
Well here is my first impression using Safari 4 Public Beta.

1. On Apple site the screenshot (on Mac) was beautiful. But when I start it at my Windows, it looks awful because Safari 4 doesn’t use its own skin like Safari 3 and blend awfully with Windows Blind.
safari4tab1Look at the tab’s title…
2. No more beautiful progress bar at address bar, instead only animated circle on address bar (you got to be kidding me).
3. Chrome like appearance…
Picture above is Safari 4. And bellow is Chrome.

4. Missing blue highlight at some sites.
5. Top site. This feature is similar to Chrome Most Visited page too but still it surpass Chrome on its appearance and feature.
6. Cover Flow history quite nice and eye catching too.
7. I like Smart Address field and Search Field eventhough Apple still stick with Google and Yahoo search only. It’s better than Safari 3.

I hope Apple finish its Safari 4 for Windows better. Come on guys you can do better than this. I still prefer Safari 4 has its own skin like Safari 3. This is my first impression on Safari 4 for Windows and I’m very dissapointed.

The New QuickPress

5 12 2008

I’m trying a new feature at WordPress. It’s name is QuickPress. Quite simple and that’s all. Simple ^_^ . Just like writing from WordPress mobile.

Joining Garanew $20 Contest

23 10 2008

I’m trying to join Garanew $20 Contest. ^_^ It’s very simple to do it (according to the site). What I have to do is posting this short news.

Read the latest celebrity gossip and Amy Winehouse news on


Experiencing The New Google Chrome

6 09 2008

I’m so excited when I heard there’s a new browser on the net, and it’s Google’s. Yeah, Google Chrome looks like an interesting browser when I see it on its site.
I’m gonna write down my own experience with The New Google Chrome (Beta).

  • The Installation
  • For me the installation quite straight but rather “annoying”. Why it’s annoying? Because it’s an online installation, so I have to connect to the internet if I want to install Chrome.

  • First Impression
  • After successfully install it on my laptop. I directly try it. And when I see the browser, I was so shock and fall in love with its simplicity. So clean and neat. The color is ease in the eye. Looks like I don’t open any browser but only a site. πŸ˜€
    And it’s so fast.

  • First Use
  • Without knowing the feature just yet, I try it like an ordinary browser. I type an address and press Enter, “boom” it’s said DNS error. I don’t know why but right now I cannot produce the bug again.

  • “Omnibar”
  • The address bar also provide as search bar. We could directly type in our search term or address at that bar. When first time using it, I don’t know how to change the search engine. Apparently we have to right click and choose Edit search engines and make one of the search engine to default and then we could searching using that search engine. Which is the entire process is less quicker compare to Firefox. Well maybe I don’t know how to change the search engine quicker. Any help? I will find about it later.

  • Bookmarks and History
  • At the first glance there is nothing special for the history except for the good looking timeline history. πŸ˜€
    The bookmarks is good looking too. The first time I use it, I cannot find the bookmarks bar except if I’m in a new window, tab or new incognito. Looks like there is option for that (didn’t see it at the first place :p). We could always show the bookmarks bar (CTRL+B).

  • Odd Appearance on Checkbox and Radio Button
  • Looks like the checkbox and radio button inheritance the same shape to me which is not good. Google should fix it on the next update.

  • Orange Focus Rectangle
  • Like Safari did, Google Chrome has a focus rectangle but in orange which is less visible then Safari’s (blue one).

I’m looking forward the next update to Chrome. And I’ll write more about Chrome based on my experience. That’s all for now folks. πŸ˜€

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Pidgin 2.5.0 New Custom Smileys. Advantage or Disadvantage?

1 09 2008

Since the first time I use Pidgin, I fell in love with it. It so simple and light yet powerful. And there are the portable version too for Pidgin.

I was so excited when Pidgin release version 2.5.0. I found one function that attract me immediately. Pidgin 2.5.0 has custome smileys, so I could put my own smiley there. Awesome isn’t it. πŸ˜€

I try it directly and it works perfectly for me. I put some custome image and put a shortcut for it.
For example like this image : and I put “unknown” as the shortcut (without quote).
But what happen if I type the shorcut five times? It should be like this.

And could you imagine what happen if someone or you type the shortcut hundreds of time or even thousands?
Pidgin 2.5.0 Custom Smileys. Is it advantage? Or disadvantage? Thanks to my friend I realize it directly. It surely annoying if you have to receive so much image especially for dial up connection or limited broadband connection.

Well then, if you found your chat window going to load images, just close it and it will cancel the process and your chat window will be fill with the shortcut text. πŸ˜€

So is it advatange or disadvantage? It’s up to you and Pidgin πŸ˜€

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Trying W.Bloggar

21 08 2008

I’m trying to write from w.bloggar right now. It quite simple and straight and it has a portable version too ^_^. We could even post to multiple blog at once.

Using this w.bloggar we could write our post offline and publish it next time we go online. I found about this w.bloggar from wordpress site and there are many more about blog client you could find in there.

It’s all thanks to the simple guide from πŸ˜€