Independence Day

17 08 2008

Today is the 63th independence day of Indonesia. What does it means? More Discount at Plaza or Mall? It’s a holiday? A lot of event on television? Games around your neighborhood ? Or something we memorize as an important moment in our life? Or it just an ordinary day like the other day?

To some people maybe it means nothing, but to some people it means they could live until today to celebrate it. To me it means, I have to do more for the better Indonesia. Happy 63th Independence Day Indonesia. ^_^

PS: Congratulation for the gold at Beijing 2008.


What if the world block IP from Indo?

9 04 2008

It’s happening. Lately Indonesia blocking several sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Rapidshare, Multiply, etc. It’s because of those sites contain Fitna movie. Well that’s too bad, because of only one movie the whole sites are being block. I wonder why? Is there no other way out? Is it the only way?

I wonder to myself what will happen if the world (web) block IP from Indo.

  1. No more IM like Y!, MSN, Google Talk, etc.
  2. Viruses are everywhere because the antivirus could not get update.
  3. The news on the internet will be the same as in the newspaper or TV.
  4. No more “helpful” wikipedia.
  5. Internet business will be limited to Indonesian people.
  6. No more new software. Only wait from local programmer.
  7. And more to come.

Is it what we want to be? Internet will not be the same again. 😀