Firefox and World Record

7 07 2008

Congratulation for Mozilla and Firefox for breaking the World Record (more than 8 millions download within 24 hour). 😀 I’m proud to be the part of your Download Day, and thanks for the “certificate” so I can show it off. 😀


The New Firefox 3.0

18 06 2008

Several time ago, I join Firefox pledge to download The New Firefox 3.0 within 24 hours after it available for download. Firefox want to break the world record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. And here I am using the new Firefox 3.0. Almost all my addons works (with the new update from the addons). But I found that my favorite addon (imglikeopera) didn’t work (sigh).

But I found a (temporary) work around for it 😀 . Here’s how to do it :

  1. Download imglikeopera if you haven’t got it.
  2. Right click the imglikeopera file and chose open archive (I’m using 7z) or using any of your compression tools. The file could be open just like an ordinary compressed file.
  3. Edit install.rdf file inside the addons.
  4. Find this tag “<em:maxVersion>2.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>” and change it to “<em:maxVersion>3.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>” (without quote char).
  5. Delete this tag “<!–em:updateURL></em:updateURL–>&#8221;.
  6. Save it and “boom” you got a working imglikeopera for Firefox 3.0. Enjoy.
  7. Hopefully they got a new version of imglikeopera (the real one) soon 😀 .

I’m going to explore Firefox 3.0 more. Until now I have no complain about it.

Firefox and Safari

5 04 2008

I use both of these browser. And I really love them. Cheers. To conserve my quota I use Firefox more often. Thanks to the wonderful add-ons (imglikeopera, flashblock, foxyproxy). Even though the new Safari could do this as well via (disable image, disable plugins). Imglikeopera will load/block the image on a web site according to the setting. Flashblock will block all the flash on a web site. I use foxyproxy to change between proxy. I use proxy software from to compress my browsing session.

As known by the others, Safari is faster than Firefox. And I love the way it display a web page. It more comfortable to read than within Firefox. But too bad Safari does not include ‘yet ?’ built-in proxy setting with it. So I have to set up the proxy on Internet Options. Safari not ‘yet?’ implement open search feature like Firefox too. Safari only have two built-in search engine (google and yahoo). There is one feature in Safari that I love most. It call Private Browsing. The Private Browsing allow us to surf the web without left any trace of it 😀 .

Well that’s all for now.