Month of Silence

30 11 2008

This month I haven’t wrote anything (well except this one ^_^ ).
vault.pngI call this month as Month of Silence (well at least that’s for my blog ^_^ ). As all we know there are global economic crisis and it cause Indonesian Rupiah very weak against US Dollar. Indonesia Rupiah is drop from around IDR 9,300.- / USD to IDR 12,500.- / USD (last week rate). It makes our computer sales quite difficult (because we sell with the newest rate).

And as far as I can see the crisis effect a lot of business at Indonesia. I hope next year will be better year for business even though I myself believe it’s not too bad compare to the crisis at Indonesia at 1997 (Indonesian Rupiah is drop from IDR 2,500.- / USD to IDR 15,000.- / USD).

Well let’s just be optimistic and pause a moment to pray to God so the business climate will be more condusive (at least that’s what I do ). God bless us all.

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