Experiencing The New Google Chrome

6 09 2008

I’m so excited when I heard there’s a new browser on the net, and it’s Google’s. Yeah, Google Chrome looks like an interesting browser when I see it on its site.
I’m gonna write down my own experience with The New Google Chrome (Beta).

  • The Installation
  • For me the installation quite straight but rather “annoying”. Why it’s annoying? Because it’s an online installation, so I have to connect to the internet if I want to install Chrome.

  • First Impression
  • After successfully install it on my laptop. I directly try it. And when I see the browser, I was so shock and fall in love with its simplicity. So clean and neat. The color is ease in the eye. Looks like I don’t open any browser but only a site. 😀
    And it’s so fast.

  • First Use
  • Without knowing the feature just yet, I try it like an ordinary browser. I type an address and press Enter, “boom” it’s said DNS error. I don’t know why but right now I cannot produce the bug again.

  • “Omnibar”
  • The address bar also provide as search bar. We could directly type in our search term or address at that bar. When first time using it, I don’t know how to change the search engine. Apparently we have to right click and choose Edit search engines and make one of the search engine to default and then we could searching using that search engine. Which is the entire process is less quicker compare to Firefox. Well maybe I don’t know how to change the search engine quicker. Any help? I will find about it later.

  • Bookmarks and History
  • At the first glance there is nothing special for the history except for the good looking timeline history. 😀
    The bookmarks is good looking too. The first time I use it, I cannot find the bookmarks bar except if I’m in a new window, tab or new incognito. Looks like there is option for that (didn’t see it at the first place :p). We could always show the bookmarks bar (CTRL+B).

  • Odd Appearance on Checkbox and Radio Button
  • Looks like the checkbox and radio button inheritance the same shape to me which is not good. Google should fix it on the next update.

  • Orange Focus Rectangle
  • Like Safari did, Google Chrome has a focus rectangle but in orange which is less visible then Safari’s (blue one).

I’m looking forward the next update to Chrome. And I’ll write more about Chrome based on my experience. That’s all for now folks. 😀

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Firefox and Safari

5 04 2008

I use both of these browser. And I really love them. Cheers. To conserve my quota I use Firefox more often. Thanks to the wonderful add-ons (imglikeopera, flashblock, foxyproxy). Even though the new Safari could do this as well via (disable image, disable plugins). Imglikeopera will load/block the image on a web site according to the setting. Flashblock will block all the flash on a web site. I use foxyproxy to change between proxy. I use proxy software from toonel.net to compress my browsing session.

As known by the others, Safari is faster than Firefox. And I love the way it display a web page. It more comfortable to read than within Firefox. But too bad Safari does not include ‘yet ?’ built-in proxy setting with it. So I have to set up the proxy on Internet Options. Safari not ‘yet?’ implement open search feature like Firefox too. Safari only have two built-in search engine (google and yahoo). There is one feature in Safari that I love most. It call Private Browsing. The Private Browsing allow us to surf the web without left any trace of it 😀 .

Well that’s all for now.