New Safari 4 Public Beta

25 02 2009

Today I read about Safari 4 Public beta from Cult of Mac. I was happy and quickly download it and install it on my Windows.
Well here is my first impression using Safari 4 Public Beta.

1. On Apple site the screenshot (on Mac) was beautiful. But when I start it at my Windows, it looks awful because Safari 4 doesn’t use its own skin like Safari 3 and blend awfully with Windows Blind.
safari4tab1Look at the tab’s title…
2. No more beautiful progress bar at address bar, instead only animated circle on address bar (you got to be kidding me).
3. Chrome like appearance…
Picture above is Safari 4. And bellow is Chrome.

4. Missing blue highlight at some sites.
5. Top site. This feature is similar to Chrome Most Visited page too but still it surpass Chrome on its appearance and feature.
6. Cover Flow history quite nice and eye catching too.
7. I like Smart Address field and Search Field eventhough Apple still stick with Google and Yahoo search only. It’s better than Safari 3.

I hope Apple finish its Safari 4 for Windows better. Come on guys you can do better than this. I still prefer Safari 4 has its own skin like Safari 3. This is my first impression on Safari 4 for Windows and I’m very dissapointed.




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