Another Blog From Mobile Phone

28 07 2008

I’m writing another blog from my mobile phone (last time I’m writing from my K750i). 😀

It’s easier to write using P1i because:
1. The screen is bigger than K750i
2. I got qwerty keyboard 😀

So here is another blog from my mobile phone.


My New P1i

21 07 2008

Last week, finally I got my new P1i (thanks to my big sister. God Bless U). 😀 I was so excited when receiving this phone since I’m a big fan of Sony Ericsson (and wish I could have this phone). First impression P1i looks awesome and it fit well in my palm. Here is my current desktop.

I’m going to post more about My New P1i. ^_~.

How Fast Your Fingers

10 07 2008

Another day my friend (my business partner too) told me about this web sites

I tried it and this is what I got. 😀 Not bad I think (although my friend could type more than 80 words per minute. Oouch). Maybe you should try it too. Have fun. ^_^

Opening First Store

9 07 2008

My wife and I decided to open an online store especially kids stuff like books, education games, etc. We are going to make it !!! 😀 . Please stopping by at everyone 😀

Firefox and World Record

7 07 2008

Congratulation for Mozilla and Firefox for breaking the World Record (more than 8 millions download within 24 hour). 😀 I’m proud to be the part of your Download Day, and thanks for the “certificate” so I can show it off. 😀