AVG 8.0 Free

18 05 2008

I was so thrilled when I heard AVG 8.0 Free is available for download. I always a big fan of AVG. Because it’s so light and small memory consuming.

After I download the new AVG 8.0 Free, I quickly install it over my AVG 7.5 Free. It was okay, because the installer is smart enough to remove it. I was amazed by the new user interface and the new feature like LinkScanner, and built-in Anti Spyware. Until I realized how much memory did AVG 8.0 Free use. It was around 60Mb total in my computer. And it slowing down my booting process and my computer(I’m using only 512Mb memory and it was very smooth with AVG 7.5 Free). 😦 .

Everything seems slowing down with the new installation. I’m so annoying, and look for the answer at the internet, and I find out some people feel that way too. Try the solution there to remove the LinkScanner (eventually there is FAQ about it at AVG site too).

Here is the walkthrough :
1. Put your AVG 8.0 Free installation somewhere for example c:
2. You could either use Start->Run and type it directly there or using cmd
3. Here is the command “c:\avg_free_stf_*.exe /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch”
4. Type it without the quote and the installation will not include LinkScanner (or remove it if you already install the AVG)

Even though it did not install the LinkScanner (I still can find LinkScanner enable under Advanced Setting->LinkScanner) , but still AVG 8.0 Free consume a lot of my memory (avgrsx.exe is the most consuming one, around 50Mb at the beginning).

Need to look for more work around. Hopefully AVG make a lighter version one. 😀