Firefox and Safari

5 04 2008

I use both of these browser. And I really love them. Cheers. To conserve my quota I use Firefox more often. Thanks to the wonderful add-ons (imglikeopera, flashblock, foxyproxy). Even though the new Safari could do this as well via (disable image, disable plugins). Imglikeopera will load/block the image on a web site according to the setting. Flashblock will block all the flash on a web site. I use foxyproxy to change between proxy. I use proxy software from to compress my browsing session.

As known by the others, Safari is faster than Firefox. And I love the way it display a web page. It more comfortable to read than within Firefox. But too bad Safari does not include ‘yet ?’ built-in proxy setting with it. So I have to set up the proxy on Internet Options. Safari not ‘yet?’ implement open search feature like Firefox too. Safari only have two built-in search engine (google and yahoo). There is one feature in Safari that I love most. It call Private Browsing. The Private Browsing allow us to surf the web without left any trace of it 😀 .

Well that’s all for now.




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